OH MY...


Sharp edges and metallic hues with details of topaz & garnets. The holidays are coming, and that means you gotta' sparkle! 

Check back for the Holiday 2015 mini collection launching October 26th!


For now here's a nod to 2015 and all its wonder...the campaign in closed but the momentum is on fire. 

If you missed out on the Indiegogo campaign, check out what I've been up to here...

Truth and Wonder SS15 Mini Collection

I love the idea of something bigger than us changing the way we feel. A new start parading in with the wind and staying with us through the cycles of the moon. As one season melts away another earnestly reincarnates, this idea transcends time and energizes me to remain curious of this world.

The act of transforming a nostalgic thought into the present, influenced the launch of my Spring mini collection: Truth & Wonder. This collection combines the sharpness of an engineered logical world and the fragile thought of eternity by pairing mixed metals with an architectural sleekness and ethereal allusions. Styled with airy fabrics and an undone up-do, these pieces provide an electric softness that revitalizes your look & reminds the world you are one-of-a-kind.

Photographs above by Zachary Gray